All the products are web based applications and in use at customers organization.

  • Manu Fact Software is used for handling day to day processes in any manufacturing organizations. The Software saves valuable Time, Money and Efforts and improves production in systematic manner. Management of the organization has complete control on the status of the processes and can take necessary actions based on the facts. Management and users of the system can focus on their main business rather than managing day to day process activities.

  • AyurFact Software is used for handling day to day processes in any Ayurvedic manufacturing companies. There was a need in this sector and there is not many software providing customized features as per need. AyurFact comes to rescue and provides customized webbased software including Raw Material QA and also providing cost of the manufacturing as special feature which helps to decide on the cost of the manufactured product.

  • HR Management Software This software is used of managing Employee data and keeping detailed information for each and every employee. This is in process of development and will be extended to payroll system as well.

  • Timesheet Management Software is suitable for service providing organizations where employees work on the client projects and gets billed based on the billable hours. Software keeps tracks of the client data, Employee data department data, project data and also keeps track of the rules for filling up the timesheet.

  • Office Automation Software is suitable for organizations/offices where work gets generated daily and some of the employee gets assigned to that work and that work related processes get triggered. Software keeps track of every work till it gets completed. Software also keeps maintains Employees, Departments, Customers data.

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    Aug 2012

    Released Website for Ketkar Vein Clinic Website

    Aug 2012

    Customized and added new features to Manufact Software

    July 2012

    Implemented HR Software

    July 2012

    Developed and implemented Timesheet Management Software

    June 2012

    Developed and Release Office Automation Software.

    March 2012

    Released Website for Antarnaad Councelling

    May 2012

    Customized and added new features to Manufact Software

    February 2012

    Released Website of Emerald Solutions

    March 2012

    Developed and Implmented Manufact Software

    December 2011

    Developed and Implemented AyurSoft Software

    November 2011

    Released Website of Sp College

    March 2011

    Successfully developed completed product assignment for one of our customers

    December 2010

    Released Website for Vinayak Netralaya

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